So, you think you can rise to the challenge to be the Q4BBS3: A New Era, Champion?

Well, here’s your chance to prove it!

This tournament is designed to bring a new challenge to Boom Beach while allowing the participants to stay committed to their home teams as well! This tournament is hosted by community members and SUPPORTED by community members! Yes, that means members of the community volunteer their time to run the tournament and even more members of the community contribute intel to run the tournaments!

Here’s how it works:

The tournament consists of a season that contains 4 qualifying episodes, with 5 teams per episode and a championship episode. The five teams in each qualifying episode will take on Foxtrot, Stronghold and Choke Point. The team with the highest cumulative force points from each episode will qualify for the championship episode.

In the championship episode, the 4 teams that qualified with the highest score on their episode will go head-to-head on Stronghold, Choke Point and Curtain Call, fighting for the chance to become the tournament champion…​but there’s a catch! ​​They will also be up against the team from that season that was the highest scoring runner up.That's right, the highest scoring runner up in the season will move on to try and claim victory. The goal? Come out on top at the end of the Championship episode allowing your team to be crowned the Quest For Boom Beach Supremacy 3, A New Era, Champions!

Now that you’ve read this… Go get your team Signed up!

We are hosted on telegram and can be found there by searching @Q4BBS3! We have a general chat for participants & the community. Even if you aren’t participating, join us and watch the fun!