Can You Rise To The Challenge and be the first Q4BBS3: A New Era champion?

We are rolling out a new and revised tournament system that will challenge you mentally as a boomer. Gather 3 of your best booming friends and join the quest for Boom Beach glory.

On your quest you will be challenged to compete against 4 other teams in a 5 man task force to run an episode consisting of 3 Rounds of operations, Foxtrot, Stronghold and Choke Point. The team with the highest score from each Qualifying Episode secures 1 of the 5 spots in our Championship Episode and continues their quest for glory. We will have a total of 4 Qualifying Episodes and 1 Championship Episode per season.

To add some new excitement and another degree of difficulty, the runner up team with the highest score out of all 4 Qualifying Episodes, will secure the 5th and final spot in the Championship Episode. That's right! For all of us that have said “If i had been in any other week i would of won” or “If my operation roll had been a little better”, well here is your chance, fight to the end and maybe you can secure the 5th and final spot.

The Championship Episode will consist of 3 Rounds of operations, Stronghold, Choke Point and Curtain Call. These 5 teams will battle it out and lay it all on the line for bragging rights and the chance to be crowned Q4BBS3: A New Era Champions.

The winner of our Championship Episode will be guaranteed a spot in one of the episodes the following season. They will have to fight their way back through all of the rounds to defend the crown.